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Single Domain Servers is now offering Single Domain Servers!

Single Domain Servers are perfect for the very active or very large web site.

What is a Single Domain Server?

A Single Domain Server (also known as a dedicated or managed server) is a server that is leased to one customer. We manage and monitor the server hardware, routing equipment, network connectivity and our software, all you have to worry about is the maintenance and upkeep of your own site.

Why choose a Single Domain Server?

If you have a successful website that needs to be taken off a shared server but you don't have the technical staff to support your own server then a Single Domain Server is perfect for you. This gives you the advantage of having your own server without all of the hassles and expense.

Below you will find the server specifications and pricing information:

  • PIII 400 MHZ & Up
  • 512MB of RAM
  • 9GB SCSI Hard Drive
  • 25GB of Monthly Transfer

For only $600.00 per month. The following setup fees will apply according to the contract length that you choose:

  • Monthly - $200.00 Setup fee.
  • Quarterly - $150.00 Setup fee.
  • Semiannual - $100.00 Setup fee.
  • Annual - No Setup fee.

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